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Git cheat sheet (part 2)

In my previous post, I gave the most basic commands to use git and a sample flow to use with GitHub. Today we will see another command and thanks to this command, we will refine the f...

In Git, Oct 25, 2014

Git cheat sheet (part 1)

Git is probably one of the best revision control software out there. My very first experience with distributed version control system was with Bazaar 7 years ago and quickly after I t...

In Git, Oct 19, 2014

Node.js & Event-driven programming

I found out that some people are still confused about what Node.js is. For many it is just “JavaScript on the server”. In fact, while they primarily see JavaScript and focus on this, ...

In Node, Nov 30, 2013

The best Vim config (for me)

Some time ago, I wrote about a Vim config which was more focused on Node.js. I used it in conjunction to AutoComplPop and a set of other plugins. However, I had to patch the auto-comp...

In articles, Oct 10, 2013

Site Migrated

I have just finished to migrate www.teenycloud.com to Jekyll.

In blog, Jul 27, 2013

Trip to Kyoto

I had the opportunity to spend some days in Kyoto. I am always amazed by this city. It is really great, there are so many temples to visit. To me the most breath-taking one is the Gol...

In Travel, Japan, Sep 30, 2012